At this point you should have been able to able to activate your ChildDiary account, if not please follow the instructions here

Once you activated your account we recommend following our welcome guide to help you get started.

After setting up your private ChildDiary instance by adding children, staff members and guardians we encourage you to start sharing activities and documenting daily records and learning stories. 



The search bar allows you to filter by:

  • One child, when you'd like to see an individual child portfolio. This is what parents see
  • One staff member, to see what activities are being shared by individual staff members
  • One group, to see what activities were shared tagging a specific group
  • "All", if you'd like to see all activities that were shared with everyone attending your service.

The bell icon  shows the list of notifications containing the list of notifications for comments or activities that were created.

The bullhorn icon  takes you to the screen where you can create posts to share images or simple information with guardians.

The pencil icon  allows you to navigate to the learning story creation screen

The clock icon  takes you to the daily records screen.

The bars icon  has the following sub-actions:

  • Groups, where you can manage your service groups
  • Staff, where you can manage staff members
  • Children, where you can manage the children that attend your service
  • Waiting list, where you can manage the waiting list of your service
  • Profile, allows you to update your account basic details
  • Help, to open this help center
  • Sign Out, to logout of ChildDiary and return to the landing page.
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