Quick introduction

Click on the daily records button  in the menu to access the daily records page.



In this page you will see three main sections:

Action, where you can select from the following actions:

  a) Attendance, to check children in and out

  b) Meals, to define what meals children had during the day

  c) Bottles, record bottles baby had during the day

  d) Sleep times, set times while children slept

  e) Toilet times, when did children went to toilet or changed their nappies

  f) Activities, what activities occurred during the day


Status, where you can check in/out children individually, toggle their sleep state or even see what was their last nappy/toilet time.

Suppose that you sent the daily records as 10am and update them during the day, every time you save your changes the parents will be able to see those changes in real time, yes in real time!

On the right hand side of each child, you will find three icons that change colors depending on the current state.

1) Toggle attendance, where you can check in or out individual children:


This icon is green when a child is checked in and grey when checked out.

2) Toggle sleep, that you can use to say that a child is sleeping or awake:

 The icon will turn green when a child is sleeping and grey when awake. Bellow the icons you can see the last sleep time.

3) Daily record state to allow you to see and update the daily record details:



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