Add a guardian

Once you have added a child to ChildDiary, you can add multiple guardians (mom, dad, uncle, ...) to a child. Guardians will only be able to the respective children's individual portfolios.

1. Click 'Manage' , 'Children' to see the list of children that your account is linked to:

2. Click on the "person icon" on the child that you wish to add/remove guardians

3. Use the "search by email" to look for an existing guardian (e.g., a guardian that has multiple children attending your service) or add a new guardian by typing his/her email and click the highlighted button

4. If adding a new gyardian you will see the following window after having clicked the highlighted button. Fill in the guardian's details and click the "Submit" button.


An email will be sent to the added guardian with instructions on how to login to ChildDiary. From here onward the guardian will be notified whenever a new entry is added to his/her child portfolio. Looks easy? It is!


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