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Early Years Services around the world record and communicate children's learning in vastly different ways. ChildDiary is being built in a flexible way that can incorporate all types of learning and curriculums.

A learning story is simply a way to record and communicate learning and development using a story telling format. The story documents evidence of the learning through photographs, note taking, linking to the curriculum and supporting learning by planning next steps.

You can share learning stories with guardians by saving them on the child's digital portfolio, or if you prefer you can also save learning stories without sharing with guardians and edit at a later date. 

Learning stories can be created for one or more children and following the best security practices only staff members and the guardians of the tagged children will be able to see them.

To create a learning story click on the camera icon visible on ChildDiary's menu.

This takes you to a story template where you can write a story about one or more children. Here you can add images, add text about the learning/experience of the child, plan your next steps, and link to learning outcomes.





When you are done filling all the mandatory fields, you can decide to Save or Send the learning story.

  • Click on save if you want to save a draft copy in the child's learning portfolio. The story can be edited and sent to parents at a later date. For more details on how to edit a previously saved story follow this link
  • Click on send if you want the tagged children's guardians to receive an instant notification that a story has been completed. The guardians can log into ChildDiary to view the Learning Story.

Remember, you can tag one or more children, add multiple pictures and use multiple learning tags to classify a learning story. 

You are not seeing the learning tags of the curriculum your service follows? Not to worry, contact us and we will load them for you in no time.

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