Add a staff member

Click the 'Manage' button and a drop-down menu appears. Click on the 'Staff' button and then '+Staff'.


Staff can be of role teacher, they will only be able to see children on the same group/room as they are, or manager, they will be able to see all children and groups/rooms.

A form appears and complete the form by adding a picture, entering the name, Email and Language and role. Click 'Submit' and the staff profile is added.

Note: If staff don't have their own work email address they can use their personal email addresses. The email address is only used to send notifications but no data is ever shared by email.

if this suggestion is against your ICT policy, you can create new emails using a free service such as gmail e.g.

An email will be sent to the defined email with a 'link' to allow the staff member to active his/her account. Clicking on the link will take your staff member to the "activate your account" screen. 

You can find more help on how to activate accounts here.


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